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Emerging pop artist Rika debuts acoustic version of dance anthem “On My Way”


Recently this year the emerging half Indian, half Serbian pop star Rika dropped her track On My Way that quickly became a must have for any party playlist. With the intoxicating bassline, infectious melody, addictive hook and superb vocal it was hard not to fall in love with the dance pop anthem. Rika emerged as a modern pop star in the making.

She recently dropped an acoustic version of On My Way that had us reeling from start to finish. With no electronic production backing her Rika’s honest, pure and heavenly vocal really does shine in a way that we haven’t heard since her debut track Peace. It takes what is a fun, danceable track and turns it into something that makes you feel more than just a usual connection. It makes you feel the wave of emotions that Rika herself would’ve felt when writing this track.

2019 is looking to be a fantastic year for music and when you’ve got artists like Rika around it is clear to see why.

Connect with Rika: Twitter | Instagram | Spotify



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