Her Songs – Los Angeles

Tuesday, September 27, 2022


Collaboration is something that is incredibly important in the creative process and that’s exactly why the songwriting collective Her Songs works so well. The quintet is comprised of artists from around the globe such as Marie Dalhstrom (Denmark), Dani Murcia (USA/Colombia), The Naked Eye (France), Emily C. Browning (New Zealand) and Maddie Jay (Canada), and all met in LA to write and record an EP in a week. Quite the task but these girls have managed it with absolute style and grace.

The EP called Los Angeles has recently dropped and features tracks we’ve already heard such as the warm and inviting summer anthem Holding My Own which introduced us to the collective. This is soon followed by the nineties tinged R&B track Just A Phase that features the luscious harmonies of the girls, the sweet licks of an electric guitar and a sense of nostalgia that transports you back to an older era.

Goodbye is the most personal track we get from the EP with the emotively tender vocals and heavenly harmonies of the girls leading the track with the gentle strumming of an acoustic guitar creating an intimate atmosphere that allows you to connect with those poetic lyrics easily. This is soon followed by Need More (Interlude) that if you played it out loud would feel as if Her Songs were performing live in your living room and it is gorgeous to imagine this.

The grand finale is the funk based track R&B track Alright that is one of those tracks that ticks ever single box. It has the luscious array of harmonies mixed with a sultry bass line and a groove that just makes you sway from side to side and gets your foot tapping with ease.

Each one of the girls shines in this EP and their collective chemistry allows them to come together to deliver a stirring debut. There’s no word about whether the girls will continue this project but I certainly hope, as do many others I’m sure, that it’s not that last we hear of this collective.

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