J.Scott – Adoration

Monday, May 16, 2022

J.Scott broke out onto the scene back in 2018 with the release of his stellar EP Call Me When You Get This, a collection of R&B jams for a modern influenced whilst taking a subtle retro flair that is reminiscent of Stevie Wonder meets Gladys Knight. It wasn’t just a release, it was a statement of what he intended to do in this industry and was the start of something special for this ever-evolving Jacksonville native.

He recently released his follow up EP titled Adoration and, as expected, he smashed all expectations expected of him by packing the project with nothing but bangers filled with shifting R&B sounds, a retro-infused production and a divine vocal that is the cherry on top. It focuses on the multifaceted experiences of black queer romance and honestly it’s one of the most underrated R&B released of the year.

We open up with Not That Kind of Guy which is a classic R&B anthem that has an air of Bobby Brown about it with funky rhythms, addictive melodies and an insatiable nature that will make you involuntarily begin nodding your head and tapping your foot along to this piece in no time at all. Definitely one to play in your room during late night dance parties.

The follow up to this is a more emotional number that makes J.Scott’s vocal the focal point of the piece and boy does he deliver. In Edibles he shows off the range his vocal possess being able to hit dizzying highs and crushing lows with absolute ease whilst simultaneously creating an intimate emotional soundscape through his evocative tones and the sparse 90’s R&B influence production.

What Were We Thinking then comes into play and honestly it’s a modern day slow jam that is essentially baby making music. Sensual guitar melodies are ladened throughout the piece, his hot and steamy vocals effortlessly melt into the production and the lyrics will make you feeling hot under the collar in a matter of seconds. Could easily feature in a 50 Shades of Grey soundtrack.

Then we arrive at the grand finale of the EP This is the Part which is the most modern track that J.Scott has included in this project and it’s a chart topper in the making. The hook during the chorus has this ability to wriggle its way into your head and get so deep into your cranium that it requires an excavation crew to get it out. Combine that with an irresistible groove and the sweet vocal melodies and this is really a hit waiting to happen.

Overall this EP is a stellar follow up to his 2018 debut and cements J.Scott as one of the next big stars of the R&B scene. Dive into it all below!

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