Harrison Lipton – SPEEDRACER ft. Hadji Gaviota & Ivy Sole


Juxtaposing infectious melodies that get your foot tapping and poignant lyrics regarding the end of a meaningful relationship, Harrison Lipton’s electric new single is effervescent R&B at its finest. SPEEDRACER showcases the euphoria that comes with love as well as the heartbreak that comes when the butterflies in your stomach migrate to another tenant. His lyrics are filled with raw pain, he doesn’t disguise his emotions through a thinly veiled attempt but instead lets us know everything he’s experience in this moment. However the soundscape swiftly contrasts this with an early 90’s R&B vibe, that inherently makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside, mixed with contemporary electronics to provide an insatiable groove that make you want to pull shapes. Then you’ve got the charisma of Hadji Gaviota coming into play and the saudade vocals of Ivy Sole that make it feel like you’re witnessing the end of this relationship unfurl before your eyes.

The music video is divine too, balancing the life love can bring through the use of vibrant flowers littered throughout and the dark depths love can take you through the somber colour palette used. Whether it’s crying alone at night after a rough end to a long lasting relationship or tripping the light fantastic on a night out with friends, this song has you covered.

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