I recently fell down a rabbit hole of music thanks to the Kansas City based trio BLACKSTARKIDS whom I happily stumbled upon earlier this week and I haven’t stopped listening to their debut album SURF ever since. Honestly that album superb in every sense of the word, I highly recommend listening to it, but there was one track that just popped for me with the fusion of genres, tongue in cheek lyrics and it’s tantalising video to match, TOO DEPRESSED 4 SEX easily became my most played song of the week.

It’s one of those songs that spans so many genres with indie rock influenced production, hip hop styled melodies and pop hooks all being so different but coming together to create a euphonic experience. There’s a poignant lyrical display too with them focusing on trying to find a way of handling depression whilst also being in a relationship, a relatable subject matter that’s done in such an honest way that you personally feel a connection with this performance. Combine all of that with the stellar music video and it’s hard to ignore how this act are destined for greatness, dive into their music right now.

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