Companyon – Dragon

When you’re first starting off as an artist it can often feel like a David and Goliath scenario, you’re battling against the giants of the music world peoples attention so they notice your music. It’s a battle that never ends but the David’s of this industry always come out all guns a-blazing with their brilliant under-appreciated tracks that amaze us every-time. There’s no better example of that right now than the American band Companyon and their latest single Dragon that dives into that fear this industry can give but how we can’t let it hold us back.

There’s an intriguing dynamic to this track with it shifting between more broody/darker verses before going into a more optimistic almost Conga-esque chorus, representing the fear whilst also showing an unwillingness to back down from the up-hill battle to get to the top. I don’t think this is more represented than in the chorus with the lyrics, “And who knows if I’ll even make it / I’ve never been a crowd favourite / It’s now or never to show / That I am enough to take what’s mine, For years and years I’ve tried.” Those are lyrics everyone can relate to, whether it be climbing up that music industry ladder, starting up your own business or pursuing your own career aspirations, we’ve all had moments where those lyrics have related to us.

It’s an anthem for the go-getter and starter uppers of the world. Don’t give in and defeat the dragons in your way. Be the David in this story and fight to the end.

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