Lissy Taylor – Wildflowers


British artist Lissy Taylor has this ability to write songs that are able to make a strong emotional connection with anybody who listens to them. Her lyrics tackle subjects that effect all of us but she makes the emotions of these situations flow through her poetic writings that make it feel like she’s written the song specifically for you. That is no better demonstrated than in her latest single about pushing through the boundaries people put on you and begin to flourish, hence the title Wildflowers.

“It is freedom that you can only give to yourself. It is a celebration of life coming into bloom and forgetting what weighs you down,” Lissy Taylor explains. “It is growing to become something far more than what is expected of you. It is allowing yourself to flourish. Are you ready?”

As previously said the lyrics are outstanding with the empowering nature behind them making you feel like you can anything, no matter what the odds. She combines this folk style of storytelling with a more indie rock production to strike a unique balance that allows for the dark yet almost dreamlike atmosphere of her music to shine throughout. This is a highflying single that cements Lissy Taylor as one of the next powerhouse talents of the new generation of musical artists.

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