Sometimes in life all you need to do is dance like nobody is watching. There’s something very cathartic about it but then the problem is you just don’t know what song to dance to. Well luckily we’ve got you covered with Blu DeTiger’s infectious debut track that will have you on your feet in no time.

The track is accurately named In My Head because it will be stuck in your head for days to come. With a slick guitar riff that gets your foot tapping, DeTiger’s spoken vocal that’s kind of irresistible to sing along to, a layered soundscape of disjointed synths that are reminiscent of the 90’s house scene and a climatic finale that is everything you could’ve wanted from a drop. Any party or club you go to needs to have this on their playlist because it will get the room rocking.

The track was released from Heavryroc Music and it’s already receiving some love from The Knocks, massive compliment to any dance artist. Fall in love with the track and get your body rocking with this addictive melody.

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