Artists like the British based musician Chinwe just knows how to create these delicately laid out pieces of music that evoke high amounts of emotion after mere seconds of the music playing. It’s an incredible talent to possess and I believe it’s because she truly wears her heart on her sleeve, making you feel all the emotion that you know she is feeling too and there’s no better track that demonstrates this than her deeply personal Oh Love.

“I wrote Oh Love the week after a breakup,” Chinwe explains. “No one was really to blame, so I guess I started feeling disillusioned with love itself. The song’s about being in a place where you’re still attached to someone and even though you don’t want to go back, you can’t work out how to move forward without them, so you’re just kind of stuck in an abyss.”

The sound of this track lands somewhere between HER and Kirby with the intimate nature of the production mixed with the compelling atmosphere and classic feel to the single being reminiscent of them both. With lyricisms dive into the emotional turmoil she went through after her breakup with them being almost pure poetry with the way Chinwe’s vocal effortlessly delivers them adding even more emotional weight to them and before you know it you’ll be playing this out loud in the dark reminiscing about lovers of the past.

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