Last year was quite the year for the Manchester based indie rock band Pacific with them winning the national vote to play Y Not Festival, having multiple sell out shows and ongoing support from BBC Radio One. So it’s no real surprise that they’ve got their 2020 off to a highflying start with their piano lead and electrifying new single titled Idols.

The song immediately demands your attention with the anthemic opening of their production with the slick yet raw guitar melodies, energetic piano melodies, a looping percussion section and a rousing bass-line to tie it all together. The lyrics are passionate with them going into how no matter what anyone says it’s not going to stop them from achieving their dreams with the dynamic vocals adding more confidence to this line with every chorus that comes, “Whatever you say won’t change my life / Give it a year and we’ll be idols.” This is a stadium anthem for the future and this band in a year might just be your idols.

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