Bristol based Norwegian/Welsh duo Firewoodisland have a distinct intimate musical style that invites you into their own world where you feel their emotions, live through their experiences and end the journey by wondering what majesty you’ve just heard. It’s something that they take great pride in which is why it’s no real surprise that their latest single Sprinter had me both reaching for the tissues and smiling ear to ear.

“Sprinter is the perfect song to start the new year with,” the duo explain. “As you reflect on the year that’s past and draw up goals for the year ahead, ‘Sprinter’ will be your ideal accompaniment. The song focuses on someone who has gone through a hard time, and is just getting ready to turn a new leaf. The duo hope that it will reach anyone who needs a bit of encouragement for 2020.”

The track has these inspiringly motivational lyrics about pushing yourself through the dark times in your life because the good days are just around the corner. There’s a heavenly sound that comes from the duo’s evocative harmonies mixed with the intimately beautiful production featuring this gentle guitar melody, looping percussion, a melancholy trumpet and violin tying it all together to create a beautifully compelling atmosphere. Combine all that with the encouraging lyrics and you’ll find it hard to not fall in love with this duo’s brilliant sound.

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