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PREMIERE: Georna x Melanie Jo collaborate in their melodically enticing summer anthem “Taking Hold”

Taking Hold - Artwork.JPG

The debut track of Georna, in collaboration with Melanie Jo, is a cross continental collaboration that will leave you in awe with the slick production and celestial vocals. Honestly if you’re looking for a track that can be the soundtrack to your summer then look no further than the warm and inviting single Taking Hold.

The electronic funk driven record has an enticing melody that whisks you away to a summer paradise with the pulsating synths oozing tropical warmth whilst creating an alluring atmosphere, as well as a textured soundscape that is reminiscent of SG Lewis. The hook is intoxicating with me regularly singing it under my breath over the past few of days and when you couple that with the erratic beats it leaves you finding this song simply unforgettable. Melanie’s vocals soar over this production perfectly to create a captivating dynamic that adds a sense of exhilaration and wonder to the already spellbinding single. What strikes me most about this though is that it’s not like most summer anthems, this single has this brooding nature that intrigues with a slow burning production that leaves you begging for more the second it ends.

This is a song you’ll want to add to your summer playlist ASAP as it’s got everything you could want. From a funk inspired production and a euphoric atmosphere to a captivating vocal and climatic conclusion, what more could you want in a summer anthem?

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