Alé Araya – Janet

The 21 year old queer songwriter and producer Alé Araya has already had a prolific career behind the scenes working with the likes of Merlyn Wood of BROCKHAMPTON, Curtis Waters, and Asha Imuno. She’s always lived in a creative work with her mum designing clothes and her dad writing poetry, so it only seemed a matter of time before the creative bug bit her and luckily for all of us it was music. Today marks a new day for Araya however, it’s here where she closes the book on one part of her life where she was behind the sound board for other musicians and starts afresh as she begins her journey in-front of an audience.

Her single Janet introduces us to the burgeoning artists sound. An eclectic mix of Y2K house influenced electronics that have an oddly futuristic gleam that’s utterly compelling, the thumping beats of the hip hop world that propel the piece forward and nostalgia driven R&B melodies litter the soundscape. These influences crash together in a euphonic collision of spellbinding proportions to form a glittering soundscape that’s what I believe the music of the Metaverse will sound like. It’s a pure expression of creative freedom with eyes forward approach that’s compelling to hear and will have you mesmerised from start to finish.

“I produced & wrote Janet by myself in my bedroom, not really thinking about the fact that anyone would ever hear it. It was an exercise for me in being my most free & true self. I had a chance to lean into the creativity that comes with genre bending and experimenting away from the perceptions or influence of others. As a queer women producer, taking up space in the music industry is provocative in itself, so I hope sharing this song with the world encourages other young women to do the same.”

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