Wes Patrick – AIRHEAD

Asian-American OC-based artist, Wes Patrick, just may be the new “flyest mothafucka” you play at your next kickback with his new track “AIRHEAD”.

Patrick’s sound ranges from hip-hop to pop punk with “AIRHEAD” more favored on the latter. Track starts off with a strong base building from both low and high electric guitar rock chord progressions that are occasionally isolated through the track followed by a couple bass slides. Midway through the first verse, Patrick picks up the pace of the track by introducing some rhythmic drums that are also followed into the chorus.

Lyrics for “AIRHEAD” are fun and punchy as you find yourself wanting to jump around by yourself or into a mosh with others. It’s a track describing the quintessential influencer girl that is portrayed in your everyday life, but more notably on your favorite everyday social media app that the listener may decide to start seeing or decide not to ever be with as they listen. Patrick states this girl lives in the life of luxury, not exactly knowing where her income comes from when she top floor chills, looking through glass walls with no evidence of working too hard in sight. Name drops of stereotypical brands and events that the character may shop, possess, and attend will relate to the listener in thinking, ‘of course they’d go here’. And as much as this track is called “AIRHEAD”, this track really makes you think..does having “5K drop in your Cashapp” really make you an airhead? Because “Damn.”

If you’re a fan of MGK, Mac Miller, or All Time Low, Wes Patrick is an artist to check out.

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