Mad Tsai – That Friend

I’ve sung my praises for Mad Tsai countless times in the past with his bubbly soundscape contrasting his authentic and relatable songwriting talents that focuses on issues we all go through. Be it his debut single Boy Bi which took the LGBTQ+ world by storm or his latest release That Friend which details being the outsider of the friend group. The one who gets a pity invite, who walks behind everyone else on the path, who is left out of all the in jokes, who is forgotten about, you get the bleak and painful picture he’s portraying.

This is something the masses can relate to as we’ve all had that friendship group where we’ve felt like this. His somber narrative is contrasted by the bubbly tone of the production that has this Spongebob soundtrack vibe to it (in the best way imaginable) and the dulcet tones of his vocal providing a euphoric undertone. Infectious, joyous, authentic and pure, That Friend continues to demonstrate how Mad Tsai is becoming a raw-unfiltered voice of the next generation.

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