VOIID – Lexapro

Titling a song after an antidepressant is surely going to grab the attention of many. VOIID have done this with their new single off of their highly anticipated forthcoming EP. Packed with nostalgic alt-rock integrity; Lexapro offers fans a highly energetic, rousing listen. 

Getting emotionally heavy, VOIID touches on the struggles of coming to terms with what position women hold in the world. Lead vocalist Anji Greenwood sings this in a way that almost feels like a societal rant. The need to amplify the real world intricacies of being a 

woman, but at the same time feeling unheard. An anthem for the misunderstood, Lexapro depicts the realities of the female experience perfectly. 

VOIID came onto the Australian music scene in 2016 with their killer EP ‘Pusy Orientated’. Since then, they have played shows alongside powerhouses such as Amyl & The Sniffers, Cosmic Psychos, DZ Deathrays and more. Alongside their highly anticipated latest EP, VOIID is hitting the road to celebrate. Touring the east coast of Australia, with shows in Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney and Brisbane. “Feeling forever unheard, forever less than, forever inadequate”; Lexapro is the perfect feminist anthem considering our current climate. Released in a world where rights are being stripped away from women every day, VOIID is giving us what we need to get through it, making music the ultimate escape.

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