No Frill Twins – Paper Love

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Today the No Frill Twins have made their long awaited return, they’re back and better than ever before. These girls are known for creating soaring pieces of Electro-Pop and today they’ve come out and started a new chapter in their musical journey with the duo now putting the focus on their elastic vocals and more emotive brand of songwriting. It’s a bold departure from their original sound as is shown in the high flying single Paper Love.
“Paper Love salutes a connection between people that is far deeper than any monetary or material exchange,” the sisters explain. “It’s about loving someone so much that you feel inexpressibly content just in their company without needing anything else.”

The song is explosive with a sense of carefree theatricality about it that invites you into their musical world filled with bombastic 80’s synths, a gallant chorus, compelling vocal displays and an anthemic sound that can’t be beat. Having followed these sisters ever since their debut I can say that it’s been a pure pleasure to watch them grow and their sound develop along side them and today they’re produced something that is their best track to date. If you’re looking for the next big act in pop then look further than these two talented artists who’re set to take the world by storm and I cannot wait for it. 

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