As an artist people often judge you based on their first listen of you and, as a result, a lot of artists don’t go past their original sound as they don’t want to alienate or lose their current fanbase. However the French multi instrumentalist Rosenfeld has actually embraced this change in his latest single True where he abandons his usual lustful sound and delivers an emotionally charged number instead.

This song is a reflection of how I felt artistically at the time. I felt like the people listening to my music were here solely for the lustful songs and I was afraid to put out something different, to write songs about the ‘down moments’ in life. It felt like there was so many things I wanted to say, but I had to stick to the first impression people had from me so I wouldn’t disappoint them. After some time I realised love had meaning only if you were loved for who you really are, and True was born.”

There’s a tenderness that comes from this track with the intimate piano melody leading the opening of the track before these TwentyOne Pilot esque electronics appear that add to the evocative emotion that is on display through his divine vocal. The lyrics tell the story of the difficulty of revealing yourself quite beautifully, recognising both the harshness of doing it and the freedom that comes from it. Honestly it’s just beautiful.

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