If you’d of told me a few weeks ago that today I’d be reviewing a song that was named after the titular character of Naruto’s home I would’ve never of believed you but damn I happy that someones done it. The New York based septet Juice don’t have a specific genre, they fuse different elements from pop, rock, R&B and hip hop to create a sound that is completely their own as they’ve demonstrated in Konoha today.

“Konoha considers personal growth as it relates to romantic love and friendships,” The band explain. “It’s about looking around you and realizing that there are all these experiences to have and all these people to appreciate and all these reasons to love them. So it’s a love song about growing, or a growth song about love, or a song about one of our favourite TV shows.”

You can never be bored whilst listening to this track as it’s consistently morphing going from slick R&B melodies to passionate raps then to classic pop hooks. Usually this would sound quite chaotic but the way they’ve produced this has meant that each section flows effortlessly in and out of each other through the use of the starry guitars and pulsating bassline. Then you’ve got the poetic prowess of the lyrics about growing up and the the experiences that help define you expressed beautiful through the crooning vocals, and passionate raps that is just the cherry on top of gorgeous single.

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