Broox – Over Easy

Monday, July 4, 2022


New York is one of the biggest creative hubs in the world with people continuously moving there to help push the creative boundaries of their music, but you also have artists that were born and raised there like the greater New York resident Broox. The artist has already impressed in the past with her emotional melodies, reminiscent of Lorde, garnering her a global fanbase that love her sound and today they’ll be very happy with the release of her two track EP Over Easy.

“I was very present while making this EP, which I think is why it’s some of my best stuff yet,” Broox explains. “I was trying to channel my inner-self and creativity within this area in music I haven’t touched before. It was challenging but also exciting and made me curious to see what I can make of this.”

Both tracks show how her musicality has grown since her previous release with both B T W L D and She’s Been Listening being sublimely produced, capturing this 1920’s Jazz appeal mixed with a bit of nu soul that adds an extra bit of honesty to the sound. The lyrics emote beautifully, they’re very intimate but also personal which makes the soulful vocal of Broox feel even more raw as she delivers them. She’s managed to find a beautiful balance between creating emotionally charged music that’s both thought provoking and creating a back drop that makes the piece feel intimate whilst not letting the production suffer as a result.

I highly recommend checking this EP out and then, if you fall in love with her sound, checking out the rest of her discography. You won’t be disappointed.

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