Knox – Love Letter

Knox has easily been one of my favourite artists to come out in 2022. He’s the perfect embodiment of the pop punk genre but he’s always been able to add his own flair to the iconic 2000’s sound, bringing it into his world and its clearly worked. From going viral, thanks to benevieve’s now iconic choreography, on TikTok to having legions of fans who get hyped the second he announces any new music. He’s swiftly become someone who looks like he could conquer the new generation of pop punk lovers, and the excitement behind Love Letter demonstrates this.

Featuring one of the best hooks I’ve heard in a long time, good luck to anyone who tries to top that this year, Love Letter is a song for raising your middle finger up to past partners who’ve done you wrong. Grab all the love letters they’ve sent you, blast this out from your speakers, start a bonfire, and burn those letters along with the somber memories of them. The energy is palpable throughout, it’s a frenzied experience that encourages you dance, jam, and do anything to get that angst out.

With each song and EP he’s dropped Knox has never disappointed, so here is our open love letter to him.

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