Gia Darcy – Less I Know

Sydney-based singer-songwriter Gia Darcy is here to represent a new generation of confident pop musicians. Since her debut, Tango, in 2020 she’s gone from strength to strength, showcasing her ability to craft self-assured pop hooks that sends a wave of unflappable energy through your body. Drawing from her life experiences as a young woman in her twenties, she translate her highs and lows into sonic form. Letting you relate the euphoria to your own adventures and the melancholia lets you know that you’re not alone when it feels like the world is against you. Whilst the majority of her music features a scintillating production, today she offers something a bit different.

Opening with rich guitar melodies reminiscent of late night lullabies, Less I Know is her most emotionally intuitive single to date. The stripped back production brings you into her headspace as she reminisces about her life as a child, a time where everything was pure, uncomplicated, and had no external dread based on world events. Her bright eyes have dulled and she yearns to go back to that time, just to look through her past self’s eyes one last time. The rich texture of the production amplifies her gossamer voice, making her melancholic lyrics pierce through your heard in an instant. A perfect tearjerker.

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