Abigail Osborn – Gonna Get Over You

I’ve always thought some of the best-written songs all have one thing in common: they’re either able to encapsulate grand, sweeping stories in a few minute’s worth of melodies (think Bob Dylan’s “Tangled Up in Blue”), or they can take a small, seemingly fleeting moment and stretch it into a cinematic kaleidoscope of imagery and emotion. The latter is certainly the case with Abigail Osborn’s newest release, a punchy powerpop anthem where the stakes of an unexpected phone call from an “uninvited” ex have never been higher.

For fans of Gatlin’s “What If I Love You”, “Gonna Get Over You” finds Osborn in an endless back-and-forth with a former lover who won’t give her the space she needs to move on, and seems to relish in such. The lyrics’ use of enjambment and internal rhyme (“Don’t know how you crashed a party / from a thousand miles away / You hardly even cross my mind / these days”) seem to underscore the sensation of having almost moved on from something before the slightest allusion to the past sets off the inevitable domino chain of memory. This clever writing layered over the chorus’ spunky syncopation results in a track that is deeply satisfying to imagine screaming at your ex, or to actually scream in your bedroom. But, Osborn tells A1234, the song began its journey in a very different sonic place, saying that she and co-writer Joel Ansett “actually wrote the song to be an acoustic guitar/vocal track”. This instinct makes sense for a Colorado-raised artist who began her music career in the folk world, but the fact that “Gonna Get Over You” still works against the backdrop of Mark Siegel’s drum and synth-driven production is a testament to the honesty, strength, and relatability of Osborn’s lyricism. When asked what she would say to everyone who hears this song, given the chance, Osborn replied, “It is SO not worth it to pick up the phone when [an ex] calls. If it’s over, it should probably stay that way… no use in trying to revive something that should stay dead.” Good advice to be sure, but I know I’ll be racing to grab my phone as soon as Osborn releases her next song.

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