PDAE – Yard Man


Having already dropped one of the hottest debuts of the year so far, PDAE follows it up with another scorching single that you need to bump out to in your car. Yard Man opens with a spoken word verse before we’re launched into a mountainous bassline that reverberates through your body instantaneously. His hardhitting lyrics weave their way through the soundscape, swiftly diving between the booming oscillating beats that are ready made for your next party and lekker melodies that allow the whopping production to shine like a diamond. The Colorado based artist doesn’t stop there though as he demonstrates his innate ability to create a monumental ear worm. He deliver his lyrics with such venom too, making the enunciation of certain words pack a visceral punch that will leave you reeling with his unmistakable beats backing him up word for word.

PDAE is proving himself to be a truly triumphant musician. Embracing the off-kilter sonic world he’s crafting and not being afraid to think outside the box with his lyrical delivery. If you’re after someone who could be one of the next big things in the hip hop world then he’s your guy, because he’s raising the bar every time he drops a track.

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