Nolie – Lucky Me!


During his teen years Nolie created quite heavy and raw music, stuff that when you played the bass through your speakers you could feel it shaking the foundation of your house. Like most artists he’s grown over time and ventured into a more refined sound that featured insatiable hooks, compelling melodies and buoyant beats that easily get your foot tapping. This change saw him garner a fiercely loyal fanbase, all of whom have been relentlessly supporting his musical endeavours. From energetic live shows that will live on in the memory to his regular releases that’ve slowly become firm fan favourites like Not Coming Home. Today sees him go back to his roots however with what can only be described as a fresh mosh-pop single.

There’s an air of anger surrounding Lucky Me! that’s easily noticeable once you’ve heard the passionate vocals. There’s a relentless energy surrounding them that brings out the turbulence his mind is currently going through after the unexpected fallout of a close family relationship. A thumping bass guitar and unremitting percussion adds to his fervent feelings further, giving his voice a springboard to leap off from and become a powder keg that’s about to explode with the unrivalled amount of emotion on display. Include a highly energetic live performance as the music video and you’ll be hard pressed to find another mosh-pop song that goes as hard as this.

“I always refer to this song as my “Mosh Pop” track. It’s the closest I’ve been to making heavier music like I made in my teenage years, down to me screaming full voice in some of the ad libs but also keeping up with my current influences. I loved the relentlessness of the bass guitar and the up-tempo energy while I was able to deal with some anger and heaviness in the songwriting after a recent, unexpected, fallout of a close family relationship.”

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