Although she is young Arlo Parks has proven on multiple occasions that she is one of the biggest talents around right now with past singles Super Sad Generation and Sophie being utterly spellbinding. Now today she’s dropped Angel’s Song, a track that she wrote when she was just 16 for a friend of her’s who was suffering at the time.

It’s an observational piece surrounding a person I cared about a lot – it details their vices and habits and worries,” Arlo explains. “I remember sending it to them in the early hours of the morning and hoping that it would uplift them and make them feel loved.”

Lyrically this song is pure poetry with every word creating a beautiful image in your head along with Parks’ tenderly ethereal vocal oozing with emotion and passion that sends chills down your spine. A stripped back production allows for this piece to feel incredibly intimate, it’s almost like she’s performing this in your living room and letting you know how important you are to them. It’s quite honestly one of Arlo Parks’ best songs to date and I can’t wait to hear what her forthcoming EP has to offer.

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