“Come Around has an uplifting energy and fast paced tempo to it that we really love,” Corella explain. “Some of our previous tracks are a bit more groovy but with this track it’s got a constant drive to it, not letting our foot off the gas at any point. There’s a no nonsense feel to it which is something we’ve wanted to strive towards with this single.” 

Manchester based band Corella are known for producing these uplifting alt rock anthems that are filled with addictive hooks, melodies to die for and a general atmosphere that makes their music the definition of a stadium anthem. Come Around is no different with a dynamic production featuring slick guitar melodies, a hard hitting percussion and a compellingly emotive vocal to match. Then you’ve got the powerful and emotionally thought provoking video to go along with it and when you combine it all together you get a treat for the ears and eyes.

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