Will Swinton – All For You

New Zealand’s music scene was but on the map in the 2010’s thanks to Lorde and since then countless musicians from the small isle have attempted to put their own stamp on their now thriving music scene. Will Swinton is one of these artists, weaving together beautifully short but sweet narratives with an intimate soundscape that is reminiscent of a late night campfire scene, giving off that same warm feeling in the process. However what makes Swinton an enthralling musician is his spellbinding vocal. The subtle raspiness he possesses makes his narratives leap off of the page, bringing them to life as if he was a true Inkheart narrator and All For You is exemplary at showcasing this.

The romantic single is something you’d expect to see Bradley Cooper’s character sing in A Star is Born with the lovelorn jubilance it carries, filling you up with a warm sensation that’s equivalent to having butterflies flutter around your stomach. His heartfelt lyrics transport you to a paradisiacal wonderland where you get to relive all your romantic moments through vivid technicolour, all accumulating to a grand climax where your lips smack together as fireworks go off in the distance. The stripped back production allows the story to build gradually throughout with Swinton’s voice being our humble narrator and by the end we’re left floor by what we’ve just bared witness to.

Must Read