Ketu – Rain On Me

It only takes one note from Ketu’s latest single Rain On Me to make you realise just what a special talent this artist is. From start to finish you’ll be put under a spell with his luxuriously smooth vocal tone that emotes with such vigour and passion putting you in a trance like state, unable to move away from the euphonic sounds sailing through your head. The poetic lyrics are Pulitzer Prize worthy, each word carries the weight of the world with the authenticity he brings through his compellingly earnest vocal performance, raising the emotional impact to dizzying heights. You get drawn into the story he’s recounting, hanging on every word as he paints a vivid picture in your mind as each lyrical sentiment adds a singular brushstroke to the art until the grand finale where you’re left with what can only be described as a masterpiece. Genuinely, it’s hard not to admire the talent on display as he showcases everything special about his artistry.

On top of all of that his aesthetic is perfect for him. Although I shouldn’t be surprised about that with him doing graphic design work in the past for the likes of Lil Nas X and Khalid. All in all, this artist has that special something. It gives me that feeling of listening to Frank Ocean’s Bad Religion for the first time where I was left speechless by the majesty I’d just heard. Ketu’s got that and I have no doubt he’ll only continue to thrive from this.

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