Say what you want about the UK but one thing has always been incredibly clear, we know how to produce some outstanding girl groups. From Spice Girls to Little Mix the UK has always thrived in this world of music and it looks like we’ve recently had another addition to this roster with the entrance of SVN. Having spent years on West End together as apart of the runaway hit musical SIX, the talented actresses and seasoned performers decided it was time to hand their reign over to a new generation and start afresh. Their developed bond has always been evident when they were on stage and in translates effortlessly into their latest single.

Lush harmonies, stellar vocals, empowering lyrics, WOMAN is a treat of a single that perfectly encapsulates everything that this group is about. Each vocalist gets a chance to shine, from grand moments where we hear these expressive belts to the softer moments that brings the emotion of the piece to the forefront, no one is in anyone else’s shadow. They all bask in the same spotlight. It’s a simple but elegant single, channelling an early 90’s soundscape that provides the perfect backdrop for their sensational harmonies. They might not be queens on West End anymore, but their crowns still remains firmly on their heads.

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