Deadpan, Willyynova, Opollo Heights, Lowkey T & skate33 – WITCHES BREW

Time for some laidback, abstract rap that provides the same smokey atmosphere of an underground jazz club. Whilst most rappers when collaborating go with a high octane thrill ride comprised of pulsating beats and bombastic flows that could energise any crowd, this group take a different course of action. Deadpan, Willynova, Opollo Heights, Lowkey T & skate33 all come together to provide a calming experience where their lyrical narrative becomes your narrator, guiding you through the twists and turns of the tale whilst the calming, nostalgia inducing production provides a wondrous backdrop. Each artist gets their moment to shine in WITCHES BREW and what makes it better is the fact they don’t try to out-do one another, all of them know what needs to be done to make this track hypnotic and they do just that. It’s one of those singles that’s designed for every occasion; studying, driving, tanning, relaxing, you name it and you can probably do it with the dulcet tones of this single.

Be sure to dive into each of these artists’ discography once you’re done with this because each one of them has a large amount of stellar tracks in their back catalogue. Hop in and see for yourself.

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