Geller – Boring Life

Despite the title of this track being Boring Life I can safely assure you there is nothing dull about the vibrant soundscape Geller consistently produces. Glittering synths that shimmer like sun rays on the water, grand melodies making you feel as if you’re flying through the sky, a scintillating atmosphere that raises your mood and emotive lyrics that leave you contemplating the meaning of it all, it’s hard to argue about the majesty this single offers. That’s why I find quite special about Geller’s music, he manages to pull out these little gems both lyrically and sonically that find the beauty within life. Yes there’s a sense of pain behind his lyrics that’s amplified by his emotive vocal performance, particularly during the bridge, but the way it intertwines with the lush sonic structure makes you feel hopeful about what’s to come. He transforms a regular, boring life into one that’s filled with enchanting wonder and whimsy with just one song.

Having written this track in a cabin in the middle of winter, Geller makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside whilst providing a little inkling of joy to turn your frown upside down. Magical in every sense, I am certain this will be a stellar year for this rising artist.

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