Mamadou. – Tread Slowly ft. Krishna

Mamadou. brings us yet another masterpiece in new single “Tread Slowly” ft. Krishna.

Mamadou. the 22year old poet/songwriter from Harlem. He began writing poetry during his 7th grade year and shortly after grew an interest in spoken word and Hip-Hop/R&B music. Now the recent Columbia University graduate has his sights set on becoming the next big thing out of New York.

When speaking on the making of “Tread Slowly” he says the vision of the track came to him in a dream he had about his grandmother. Of the dream, he says “In this dream, she sings me a lullaby while we both escape from the means of the material world.” It’s not very often you hear someone bring a dream to life and paint such a clear picture as he’s done with this track, the poetic lyrics along with the other worldly production ties the track together perfectly to form a very genuine and resonant sound.

If you are someone who’s a fan of artists like Raury, Kid Cudi and other soulful story telling Hip-Hop/R&B artists we believe you’ll find great pleasure in giving this one a listen and checking out the rest of his discography.

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