Smokes GMF – Glrrr


Where there’s smoke there’s always a fire and that’s certainly the case with Smokes GMF’s latest drop which radiates enough heat to keep all of London warm. The flow is simply out of this world with him going from strength to strength Glrrr, never faltering and only elevating his sound with every cleverly worded, witty lyric he puts out there into the world. It also contains one of the best hooks I’ve come across in a long time, seriously the constant repeating Glrrr is something I can see being a main staple of any Smokes’ show. Just a crowd of people shouting glrrr every time it comes up and matching the energy Smokes’ is giving the audience. Then we’ve got the beat that is the crown jewel in this royal affair that adds to the charisma Smokes’ is giving us and makes it all the more clear that this guy is next up in the grime scene.

Hot, cold, whatever word you want to describe Smoke GMF’s music, all you need to know is that he is THE TRUTH and is ready to stamp his name across the UK scene. Pop a listen and become an instant fan.

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