Willy P – Good Love


Willy P lives by the mantra be the change you want to see in the world, both within his music and his life with the 21-year-old Boulder based, Cleveland raised talent not only being an undeniably talented self taught musician but also an advocate for environmental preservation. He wants to make the world better than when he left it through feeling his music brings and the message he speaks out about. He only started creating music during his freshman year at college but has already opened for Madeintyo, was scheduled to open for Larry June before COVID hit and has had studio time with a few Brockhampton members, Romil Hemnani even made him a beat! Doors have been opening left, right and centre for Willy P and it’s easy to see why when you dive head first into his music.

Good Love focuses on falling head over heels in love with someone but underneath that guise there’s a deeper message regarding define intervention, knowing you’re in charge of your destiny and taking that brief moment to step back and enjoy the ride before you reach the summit. The captivating woozy production of subtle funk basslines, rhythmic guitar riffs and melodically uplifting piano keys allows the hazy unorthodox vocal styling to shine with as the feel-good lyrics invite you into this mesmerising sonic landscape. Very reminiscent of an early Mac Miller, Willy P has potential to do something that will leave us all speechless.

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