Benny Bellson – Dream Store

The best way to describe the California native Benny Bellson is avant-garde. His sound gives a subtle nod to predecessors before him like The Gorillaz, King Krule and Radiohead before boldly spearheading a new musical movement that thrives under his uniquely unorthodox methodology. His hazy soundscape is perfect because of the imperfections, those little nuances that add a more authentic, raw and real experience that gives me flashbacks to live shows where you just lived in the moment and allowed the music to consume you for a few euphoria filled hours. His debut Wasteful Games introduced us to his rebellious alternative grunge sound and his follow up gives us another dose of his eloquently chaotic style.

Dream Store is a moody number that puts his compelling lyrical storytelling in the spotlight with the vibe being reminiscent of something you’d expect to see in movies like Everybody Wants Some or Juno. The subdued nature of the track allows the unfiltered thoughts of Bellson to be unleashed as the lost scream of the dreamers are thrust upon you in glorious fashion that will have you reeling like you’ve taken a blow from the heavyweight champion of the world. The freedom you feel from this is undeniable, Bellson’s otherworldly songwriting is something be admired as he looks forward to revolutionise a new era of songwriting.

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