Charlie Oriain – A Little Time

The emotional weight Charlie Oriain’s latest single ‘A Little Time’ holds cannot be overstated. With perfect mix and a melody so gentle yet burdensome, it is more than enough to convey the impassioned crossroads Charlie faces.

This piece allows us to dive deep into Charlie’s emotional state, namely expressing fear. Fear that these significant figures will leave his life before he has the chance to confess his true thoughts toward them. The fear that things will go unsaid before it’s too late. The fear that he’ll run out of time before he can “hold their hand at the finish line”. Charlie’s delicate upper-register vocals and acoustic instrumentation allow for these feelings to show on his sleeve. The way the strings meander into the second pre-chorus additionally re-instates this. The fact that he is able to fit such an impactful piece of art into two minutes and fifty seconds is a feat in and of itself.

A performance akin to Nick Wilson or Alexander23, Charlie’s ‘damned if you do, damned if you don’t’ psyche churns your stomach in the best way possible. This is one of those songs that you want to just hold in your hand and cradle; Definitely his most beautiful track yet. I sorely hope we get more of this stuff.

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