Gorgeous – Divine

Gorgeous by name gorgeous by nature, that perfectly describes the new indie pop duo MarĂ­e Louise and Murga. Hailing from Copenhagen this duo arrive on the scene with a poised grace shown through their effortlessly ability to weave a unique lyrical narrative that draws you into their unique world in their debut Divine. The simplistic production allows the vocals to elegantly wrap themselves around you, refusing to let you go as you get lulled into this melancholia induced blissful coma that allows you to bare witness to the story as if you were there in person. It’s a trip that you’ll want to go one time and time again, even the music video has massive replay value with all the little nuances featured throughout the The Pinchcliffe Grand Prix that require a second glance to fully grasp. Hard not to dig their ethereal brand of indie pop with subtle country undertones.

It’s a perfectly thought out introduction that showcases their artistic vision, the ingenuity they have for their visuals and natural songwriting talent that is utterly hypnotic. Undoubtably this is just the beginning with this debut being superb.

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