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Jon Bellion’s new track “Conversations With My Wife” feels like something straight out of a Pixar film


A few years ago I was introduced to Jon Bellion by a friend who showed me his track Carry Your Throne and I was left speechless. The powerful drum beats, slick chorus and awe-inspiring vocals just captured me in a way that not many artists have done. Then his album, The Human Condition, came out and I’ve kept it on repeat ever since.

A few days ago he returned with the breathtaking track Conversations With My Wife. The production is simply outstanding with Bellion’s signature vocals, that also make elements of the backing track too, blending effortlessly with the bass of the guitar and dark undertones the track possesses, we even have a children’s choir appear partway through contrasting that dark atmosphere with a sense of wonder.

The thing is though it’s exactly that sense of wonder that makes him stand out amongst the saturated pop music scene. His musical inspiration from Pixar movies allows him to harness that magical nature they possess and transfer it to his music in a way that just entrances you. He never misses a beat when it comes to crafting his music.

Then we have the lyrics that a wonderfully wholesome nature to them about how he and his wife would stay with each other through anything but they are also filled with worry about what his wife would do if he lost his success. He even goes so far to sing the lyric, “They’ll say that I fell off, and it’s alright, I’m so ready to run from the spotlight.”

All in all, Jon Bellion is someone who is incredibly special in today’s music scene and is someone to be treasured. If you’re a fan then be prepared because November 9th sees the release of his Glory Sound Prep album that was announced via this letter and recently he released the trailer for said album which includes Headmaster Stormzy and animation that looks like its come from a new Pixar movie.

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  1. I don’t think that he is worried what his wife will do if he looses his fame. I think he is saying how he just wants to live a normal life with his wife. He doesn’t care about the fame anymore he just want “me and you (his wife) in serene life”.


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