Neemz – My Love


Following November 2021’s release of It’s Above Me, Neemz had finally released her first fully-fleshed body of work, something which symbolized the end of the beginning with regard to her entry into music. The Boston native released her first single back in 2020, and to see the development Neemz has displayed since embarking on her newest creative endeavor has truly been a privilege. Over the last three months, Neemz has partnered with Waqas Ghani to deliver a string of visuals to support some of the songs off of It’s Above Me. These organically assembled visualizers have been made for her songs “I Tried”, “Awake”, and, most recently, “My Love”. 

Full of a bright, warm energy from start to finish, “My Love” is a great listen as we slowly transition away from the cold towards the warmer months that are to come. Spreading messages of self-acceptance, persistence, and joy atop a sun-soaked, steel drum sample, this song possesses a very soothing, relaxed temperament. Aside from the singles off of It’s Above Me, “My Love” is certainly the most popular track to come off of this tape, currently resting at the number 2 spot of Neemz’s most popular songs on Spotify. When asked to characterize this offering, Neemz stated:

“”My Love” embodies self love, and falling in love with the present moment. It’s important that we infuse positive energy and good intent into our daily lives and relationships. Living by this principle will help navigate us to greater heights in life! This year, the narrative is leading with light, focusing on wellness and committing to self-love, self-discipline, and self-care.”

Beautifully articulating the sentiments of this songs in a wholesome fashion, Neemz is not at a loss for words when it comes to describing the purpose behind her artistic creations. Whether it be within the lens of music, fashion, or modeling, Neemz is full of intent, something which has drawn fans from across the globe into her corner. She’s an unrelenting force of positivity, and nowhere is this more present than on “My Love”.

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