Retrograded – Think of Me

With the new wave of genreless artist’s emerging from all over the world it should come as no surprise that along with that we’ll see more diverse projects. Artist’s managing to flip their sound at the drop of a hat, going from creating an indie pop banger that was made to sing along with to a hip hop record that will have you vibing in the car. There’s no boundaries these days and one artist who is taking fully advantage of this is Retrograded. You go back through any of his previous releases and quickly see him go from lo-fi to electronic to indie pop whilst continuously adding his own twist to the genres, giving them his own sonic flavour. If you wanted more proof of this then just listen to his latest EP Think of Me because each track is damn good. You can go from crying your eyes out over his personal lyrical experience to head banging in your car in a matter of seconds, heck sometimes you won’t even need the track to change for that to happen! Dive head first into it, you won’t be sorry, and if you’ve only got time for one track then deffo listen to the standout Sunday Coffee.

“I started making all of these songs over two years ago and left them to collect dust because I thought they weren’t good enough. It was so fun to go back and finish these three tracks, and the fact that I’ve had them for so long makes them that much more meaningful to me.”

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