Eye Candy – Going Gold


Although Valentines day has come and gone, it doesn’t mean we have to stop listening to those classic indie love songs that make us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. The day sees countless new releases that were designed for us to put on our romantic playlists, just light a candle on a table with a decent takeout and the scene has been set for this type of music to take us away. Then we’ve got artists who go above and beyond to make something that feels so incredibly sentimental yet refreshingly unique at the same time. That is what Eye Candy is all about. Creating fuzzy lo-fi music with an unmistakable charm that wistfully takes you by the hand and pulls you into a love story that makes butterflies fill your stomach instantaneously.

Going Gold is utterly charming. The lyrics are best described as what you’d expect to hear in someones wedding vows, making me go all teary-eyed at a moments noticed as the dulcet tones of his halcyon vocal drizzles the soundscape, feeling the love he has for this person transcend onto us. It doesn’t need any grandiose to it, it doesn’t need an explosive production filled with a majestic production, it doesn’t need anything but the minimalistic production melting into his sweet vocal tone and unfiltered thoughts on love. Get a boombox, lift it up high, and play it outside of your partners house ASAP.

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