Taylor Belle – High

If you’re one of those music-heads who adores to analyse countless lyrics to find the introspective meanings they offer, as well as just admiring the clever wordplay, then it’s time for you to dive head first into Taylor Belle’s latest silky smooth R&B offering. With a hypnotic production reminiscent of The Weeknd’s iconic Trilogy album, Belle sets the scene for us in High where the memorable melodies and her luscious vocals quickly wrap themselves around us and refuse to let go. It’s sinister yet auspicious, swiftly giving us insight into the trip we’re about to be taken on. Then we arrive to the crowning achievement of the track, those insightful lyrics that represent not only the euphoric high she’s now experiencing, but also the higher state of mind she feels she’s finally achieved. After countless re-listens you’ll continuously find new subtle phrases she’s crafted that add a whole new layer to the single, meaning you can listen to it over and over again without it ever getting old.

If this is your first introduction to Taylor Belle, then prepare to be floored. Dive head first into the thought provoking world she’s crafted and lose yourself in her intricate melodies and thoughtful musings.

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