Yung Hunny – Marlboro Red


The multi-faceted 20-year-old singer-songwriter and producer that is Yung Hunny has just released his best (and my favourite) track of his to date. The Southeast Iowa native has been producing and writing music for the last 3 years with the release of his 2020 full length 13-track album titled ‘Melancholy Love Songs’ displaying his ability to craft infectious cross-genre tracks. Young in age, Hunny shows maturity when it comes to producing and writing indie-leaning songs with a pop-sensibility in his vocal hooks and melodies. While I’ve enjoyed Hunny’s more R&B and trap inspired productions on tracks such as ‘Come With Me’ and ‘Tell My Friends’, it was songs like ‘Train Wreck’ and now ‘Marlboro Red’ that caught my attention and showcase Yung Hunny’s strength – his warm and easy-listening vocal delivery over laid back yet upbeat rhythm guitars and drum grooves. ‘Marlboro Red’ sees Yung Hunny admitting to his lover that he “Gets so upset when you’re not here” and does not mind “losing his lighter” as long as “you’re here in my bed” over a hazy acoustic guitar progression and an indie surf-rock leaning drum pattern. The lyrics are playful and witty at the same time, with Hunny comparing his crush to his favourite cigarette make, Marlboro red. But this is what makes this track so great. This is where Yung Hunny shines through in my opinion as he’s creating his own lane through his distinct vocal tone along with his mixture of honesty and humour in his lyricism.

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