Joey Valence & Brae – Double Jump


If you’ve been longing for 90’s rap to make a return with the abundance of off the wall charisma that transforms any party from a desolate graveyard into a vibrant smorgasbord of pulsating energy, then look no further that Joey Valence and Brae. The high octane energy the pair inject into their bombastic sound is best described as taking the Fresh Prince of Bel Air aesthetic and fusing it with the insanity of a Beastie Boys show, it’s utter madness in the most brilliant way imaginable. From the get go Double Jump will have you hooked, going from a Super Mario referenced hook, that you can envision thousands of people screaming in unison, to a thrill ride of confidently expressed lyrics you’ll be trying to memorise in any car ride. The song goes HAM from start to finish, whether you’re in your room dancing like you’re at a rave, in your car losing your head to the enticing flow as you’re stuck in traffic or jamming out with some friends as you wait for the night to begin, this song is made for soundtracking your life.

2022 has just begun and I already have my first concert wish list. Seriously, if these guys bring the vigorous adrenaline fuelled, pulse pounding, explosive energy in this track and translate it into a live show, it’ll certainly be an experience you won’t ever forget.

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