Spacewalk Jones – CL4Y

This past weekend I had the unexplained joy of stumbling across Spacewalk Jones’ debut album and was instantly spellbound. Track after track, the young musician kept pulling out the big guns and blew me away like I was a plastic bag caught up in a level five hurricane. From PL@Y1T$4F3, who’s electronic brilliance kept me on the edge of my seat, to (B1GG3R TH4N) U, an instant gym anthem for me, he never missed a beat throughout the entire project. It’s a sublime piece of hyperpop that is ethereal, maddening, expressive and true triumphant in the genre in more ways than one. However there was one track that I was truly enamoured by and was playing on repeat continuously, and that was the title number CL4Y.

It starts off with a quiet lullaby themed guitar delicately ebbing and flowing through the soundscape as the crisp falsetto of his warped vocal brings us into the emotionally evocative world he’s crafting. Soon ethereal electronics beginning to appear, casually popping up as they litter themselves through the world, adding to the deep-seated emotion he is channeling through his forthright yet simultaneously poetic lyrics. Then it builds, we go from the intimate soundscape that’s invited us in with open arms, to a cacophony of sweltering emotion as the electronics and guitar blossoming into a booming chorus of clashing instrumentals that let the emotion out in a glorious eruption. Everything comes out and you’re left to bask in the glory as the heart-thumping single plays on.

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