GOM – Hands

2021 has truly been GOM’s year, the artist from Minneapolis carried his momentum on from 2020 and has gone from strength to strength with every release he’s dropped this year. Arrow was raw yet bonkers, Teeth was an off-kilter, genre defying anthem that captured my attention from the offset, talk2nice with aldrch was made for any good party where the vibes and energy levels need elevating and now we’ve got Hands to add to this entrancing collection. We go from the gentle strumming of an acoustic guitar with his distorted vocals bouncing off of the lullaby style melodies, to balls to the wall electronics that arrive with a bang and launch this track into life. The explosion of energy makes this an exhilarating thrill ride where the we’re taken on an emotional journey with GOM, going through the myriad of thoughts running through in his mind over this past relationship. His charismatic personality shines through as the experimental flair he injects into the track brings the tale to life and the emotion to the forefront, instantly making this another outstanding single.

He stands out from the crowd with his unique blend of genres, finding a unique blend between rustic instrumental and industrial electronics to form something distinct to only himself. Talent comes in all shapes and sizes but GOM’s is quite simply immense.

GOM ยท Hands

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