christian blair – haunted ft. nxrthstar

Whilst I’ve come to associate christian blair with the emotive brand of hyper pop, just listen to his back catalogue and you’ll see exactly what I mean because you’ll be reaching for the tissues in mere seconds, today he’s showing off how he can leave you captivated with just his voice and a sweet guitar melody. Simple but effective is the best way to describe this single, it takes the old school Ed Sheeran approach of letting the emotive lyrics do the work for you and leaving the audience enraptured by your tales of heartbreak that could be plucked straight out of and Nicholas Spark’s novel. However, what makes this track stand out of from the packed market is the subtle distorted vocal, you can here these little electronic flourishes that add a certain magic to the piece, making sure to not take away from the emotion but enhance it instead. It pulls you closer to the story, making you feel like a fly on the wall in haunted as him and nxrthstar put on a dazzling show that lets the melancholia flow through you.

Whenever christian blair drops a single it’s like an event in itself. He rarely does it but whenever he does you know it’s going to be a top quality track and today is no exception. Become a christian blair stan today and enjoy the tunes that I and many others simply cannot get enough of.

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