Gabby Start – sydney


One of the main parts of blowing up in the modern age of music discovery is finding that unorthodox gap in the market that scratches that itch so many nuanced music fans will be craving and, soon after, can venture on into the pop star realm. It’s happened with Billie Eilish on a massive scale, PinkPantheress is a more recent example as is Glaive, but right now it looks as if Gabby Start is going to be filling that sweet spot soon. With his sound consisting of EDM mixed with a hyper pop edge and traditional pop song structures, his music strikes a chord with the outcasts of the world who’s job has never been to fit in because they were born to stand out. His fluidity within his ever shifting soundscape has already seen him garner success under his previous guise Knapsack, however he’s now venturing out into new territories as he uses his intellectual mind to crack the pop code to create intoxicating music that was designed to fix that craving we’ve had for so long.

Sydney is the perfect reintroduction to his sound. It’s a quirkily fun track with a production that changes its form and shape like a chameleon, effortlessly going between buoyant EDM beats that get your head bopping, pop hooks that get stuck in the deep crevasses of your skull, a classic rock themed electric guitar solo and a hyperpop edge to tie it all in one neat bow. You’ll soon realise the massive replay value this track has too because after every re-listen you’ll discover more of the hidden nuances in the Gabby Start songwriting formula that’ll have you slapping your knee wondering how you missed it to begin with. If this is the start then the journey to the finish is going to be one hell of a ride.

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