CRONIN – Imaginary Friends

Trapped within the same four walls throughout lockdown where our only source of social interaction was with friends via text, FaceTime or those god awful Zoom quizzes we all did for some on reason. It’s easy to see why many people lost their mind over the sheer lack of things to do, CRONIN was one of these people. Stuck in his bedroom he soon began losing his marbles, getting angry at the smallest of things like a room being too hot and, eventually found himself creating, as the title of the track suggests, Imaginary Friends to occupy his time. The song hits that sweet spot of looking back at ones past experiences and laughing at how ridiculous they were but also managing to find an emotional core that highlights our deep desire for interaction to the point where we’re willing to create it. Bet you didn’t expect a deep meaning to come from a song about imaginary friends now did you? His introspective lyrics with their open candidness contrast the buoyant production with its funk pop tendencies, making it something that will raise your serotonin levels whilst also keeping you up at night with some of the more thought-provoking moments it offers. Include a dynamic vocal crooning the addictive hooks and you’ve got a home run of a track from a rapidly rising artist.

CRONIN’s 2021 has been a stellar time for the artist. He’s ending the year with a bang as he looks to 2022 with the same fiery determination that got him this far and the hope for an even better year.

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